Dance Demo & Practice Team .

Come join our new 
NC2S Demo & Practice Group
meeting on Tuesdays at China Harbor

We're all about learning, practicing, & honing our craft together with a group of fun, like-minded dancers (and possibly performing demo's at Folklife and/or other Seattle dance events)
Please let us know your interest ASAP for participating in the Tuesday Group Practice & Demo Team. 

We are currently at capacity and will be taking people off of the waiting list as soon as spots open up.
Letter from Mark Cohen (1/26/17):


If you love Night Club Two Step (NC2S) as much as I do, I would like to encourage you to join a NC2S Practice Demo Group which Ari Levitt and I are starting.  The Group will meet on Tuesday evenings from 7-9:15pm at the China Harbor Restaurant on Lake Union.  From 7-8pm the group will take part in an Intermediate/Advanced NC2S lesson series that will also be opened to non-members.  And then from, 8:15-9:15pm, members of the group will have a chance to dive in deeper with more advanced material as well as to begin working on demo routines.  In addition, there will be open practice time for group members from 6-7pm and 9:15-9:45pm every Tuesday.

Why a NC2S Practice &/or Demo Group?

The primary reason is simply because we love the dance!  It is our hope that by forming a practice & demo group, we can encourage more NW social dancers to take up the dance while also creating more opportunities to dance NC2S in the Seattle area.  It will also create a core group of NC2S dancers who all know the same material.  This will provide both leaders and followers more opportunities to dance/practice the more challenging NC2S moves on the social dance floor.

As for the demoing part, while we plan to find/create multiple opportunities to perform choreographed routines at various NW Dances in order to encourage other NW social dances to take up the dance, members are free to choose to participate or not.  Unlike a traditional Performance team whose primary goal is performing for others, our goal is simply to encourage others to join us.

Membership Details

Membership in the Practice & Demo Group is open to dancers of all ages who have been dancing for at least a year who already know the basic NC2S dance patterns (e.g., Left & Right Couple Turns, Peek-a-boos, Inner-Turns and Tunnels).  

As we will be rotating partners during our practices as it is important to have flexibility as to who dances with whom at our demos, one does not need a partner to join the troupe. None the less, as it is important to maintain similar numbers of  leads and follows at our practices, we encourage dancers to join as a lead/follow set. 

While I already know of at least a half dozen experienced male dancers who are interested in joining the group, if more follows than leads are interested in participating, follows who join with a leader will be given priority.  As we are able to recruit additional leaders, we will invite additional follows to join in (While we are open to having a couple more follows than leads, we are planning on keeping the numbers relatively balanced).  So please let Ari or I know if you are interested in joining but do not have a partner to join with.

Participation cost is $90.00 for each four-week session, which includes the Int/Advanced NC2S Class, the group practice, and participation in the open practice session  (14 hrs of lessons, guided practice opportunity, etc).  Our first session will be on Tuesday Feb. 7th.

Ari will be teaching NC2S drop-in workshops over the next two Tuesdays (January 31 and February 7th). If possible, we would like prospective members to attend these workshops in order to insure that everyone has mastery of the basics, to see how fast we can move the group through new material and combinations, and to have an opportunity to talk with potential group members about upcoming plans.

- Mark

PS: ** If this is more than you can afford, please let us know and we will try to work something out. (e.g., helping out at dances in exchange for a reduced cost


This is open to all int/adv-level dancers who would like to rapidly advance their NC2S (and other dance) skills in the context of a fun, regular group of like-minded dancers to practice with, as well to perform demos at Folklife and other Seattle venues 

TIMES:  Tuesday's at China Harbor

6:00-7:00pm:  Open floor for warm-up, practice with Mark

7:00-8:10pm:  Int/Adv NC2S Workshop with Ari (open to public)

8:15-9:15pm:  Demo Group (format may vary slightly week to week, with practice intermingled throughout the lesson, or just at the end) 



  • China Harbor2040 Westlake Ave N., Seattle, WA.  There is plenty of free parking available.  Come early to grab a bite (dancers get 25% off the cost of their meals) sign in, stretch, warm up, etc.  


       $90 Monthly, includes: 

  • Open access to all Tuesday dance events at China Harbor (the 6pm warm up, the 7pm workshop, the 8:15 pm fine-tuning, guided practice , and choreo time) 

TO REGISTER & PAY ONLINE:  To register online, click on the "Registration" button in the menu on the top left side of this page to go to the Registration Page.  

Payment can be made from the Payment page using PayPal or a credit card, or paid at the door by cash or check just before the first class.  Payment by cash or check will help you to avoid the additional online PayPal surcharge. 

Class size is limited, so register early!  

 CLICK HERE to go to the Registration Page