Private Lessons


What you will get from lessons with Ari?

     You will learn an entirely new way to appreciate and to think about your connection and partnership that will make your dancing effortless, and will make you feel deeply connected to your partner.  You will learn to dance through energy, intent, conversation, and flow, where the steps just don't really matter.  Ari's methods are guaranteed to make your partnering fun, playful, and conversational, with the added bonus that the concepts and methods you will learn can be applied to ANY style of dance!



How do you learn?

     Are you ready for that next level of lessons to focus on ways you can become a better dancer and better dance partner?  Private lesson are tailored to you and to getting you to that next level. 

     If you feel frustrated in a class setting this is the way to go.  Private lessons move at your speed.  You choose what topics you want to work on such as connection or increasing your move inventory, and the dance style(s) you want to focus on.  

     Ari is a master of advanced dancing, dance framework & connection, and can work with you as a lead or as a follow no matter what level you are as a dancer. 

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How do you become aware of what you don't know you don't know?

To improve your dancing takes practice AND feedback -- two elements crucial to mastering any skill. Consider a private practice session Ari.  He will help you to gain awareness of your dance connection, fine tune movement, improve your posture, and feel relaxed on the dance floor.

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Lessons are typically held in a private home/studio in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle.  Details and directions to be given upon registration.  Ari can also travel to you, in which case a travel surcharge may apply (varies depending on distance).

COST: (same rate applies to a single individual or a couple)

  • $90/hr for 1-4 lessons 
  • $80/hr for a bundle of 5 lessons 
  • Small Group Rates are available as well (pro-rated per group size)

A video endorsement of Ari's teaching:   


Swing, Blues, Balboa, Lindy, WCS, Night Club 2-Step, Hustle, Waltz (Rotary, Cross-Step, Fusion, Viennese), Foxtrot, Salsa, Merengue, Cha cha, Rhumba, One-Step, Styling, Connection, Lifts & Drops, and more!