A Danceable Feast Cookbook

What is the "Danceable Feast" Cookbook?

It's a new and exciting community project to create a very unique cookbook FOR the dance community BY the dance community, one which we hope to have available for you in time for the holidays (but only if you act quickly and submit your recipe's soon!)  

The concept is really quite simple:  It's common for people to think of pairing certain foods or ingredients together, or pairing a particular wine or beverage with a main course, but in this book we are pairing your favorite dishes with your favorite songs & dance styles!  In other words, what song or dance style do you think goes best with your favorite dish?   For our book release party, we will plan a  potluck dance-party using recipes from this book, and the playlist for the music will be drawn from the dishes you are bringing!

Be an active part of the book 
and become a co-author!
what a perfect gift for you to give for the holidays!

This is very much a community project and completely relies on your contributions, so please:

  • Submit your favorite recipes, and the songs or dance styles that you think would best pair with them.  They do not have to be original recipe's or complex ones.  You can simply take a photo of the recipe, or copy and paste it to your email or Facebook and send it to Ari, or you can type it up yourself.  CLICK HERE for full details. You can submit recipes; you can submit songs; or you can submit both recipes and songs that you think will pair well!
  • Keep submitting recipe's and ideas -- the more the merrier!  As a fellow co-author of "A Danceable Feast" it will be a wonderful way for you to give back to your community, and a fabulous holiday gift idea for you, your family, and friends to enjoy while at the same time sharing your favorite recipes, music & songs!
  • We'll publish your submissions along with your stories, anecdotes, comments, and quotes and make them available to you in book form on Amazon Books.  Book pricing will be kept at a minimal to make it affordable and available to all.  A portion of each book's sale will also be used to help feed the hungry and the homeless.
  • For our release party, we are planning a special dance-potluck event with the music set list drawn directly from the food items you will be bringing (i.e., the music you suggested to pair those foods!)
  • As a special prize and in appreciation of your contributions, the person who submits the most recipes will get a special dance in their honor;  
  • The person who submits the most variety of recipes (i.e., recipes from the most number of categories such as appetizer, main dish, salad, etc,) will also get a special dance in their honor.   
  • Anyone who submits a recipe will be entered in a drawing to win valuable dance-related prizes, such as free entry to our "Fabulous Friday" dances, free classes, private lessons, etc.
Submit your ideas today at www.danceablefeastbook.com !