Join our 2nd & 4th Friday

FREE Virtual "Zoom" Dances!

Join our FREE "Virtual Fabulous Friday Dance" at 8pm every 2nd & 4th Friday on Zoom and get your weekend started on a high note (literally and figuratively!)

We begin with a really fun warm-up & mini-lesson, followed by two hours of great variety dance music, then cap it off with a little late night blues and fusion to soothe the soul...

Just click on the invitation below a few minutes before 8pm on Friday. You'll join right away. There is no waiting room. (the link opens at 7:45pm with warm up swing music)
I look forward to seeing you there!

Join Zoom Meeting:
  • Jan 6th (2nd Fri)         LESSON: "Solo Styling, the Hawaiian Way!"
  • Jan 20th (4th Fri)       LESSON: "Swing Rhythm Breaks"
  • Feb 12th (2nd Fri)     *Valentine Party!  LESSON: "Romantic Rhythms & Stylings"
  • Feb 26th (4th Fri)        LESSON: Solo Tango Spins
  • Mar 12th (2nd Fri)      LESSON: Learn how to do "The Camel Walk"
  • Mar 26th (4th Fri)       LESSON:  A Few Fun Charleston Solo Variations
  • Apr 9th (2nd Fri)         LESSON:  One-Pulse "Meringue" Variations and Steps
  • Apr 23rd (4th Fri)        LESSON:  Some Clsssic Vernacular Blues Solo Stylingds
  • May 14th (2nd Fri)        LESSON:  TBA
  • May 28th (4th Fri)        LESSON:  TBA
  • June 11th (2nd Fri)       LESSON:  TBA
  • June 25th (4th Fri)       LESSON:   TBA
  • July 9th (2nd Fri)          *NO ZOOM DANCE TONIGHT*
  • July 25th (4th Fri)        *NO ZOOM DANCE TONIGHT*
  • July 30th (5th Fri)        LESSON:   TBA
  • Aug 13th (2nd Fri)        *NO ZOOM DANCE TONIGHT*
  • Aug 27th (4th Fri)         *NO ZOOM DANCE TONIGHT*
  • Sept 10th (2nd Fri)         LESSON:   TBA
  • Sept 24th (4th Fri)          LESSON:  TBA
  • Oct 8th (2nd Fri)             LESSON:   TBA
  • Oct 22nd (4th Fri)          LESSON: "Monster Mash" 
  • Oct 29th (5th Fri)           LESSON:   TBA
  • Nov 12th (2nd Fri)         LESSON:  TBA  
  • Nov 26th (4th Fri) *Tentative* 1-4pm, Heber's Post-Thanksgiving Dance
  • Dec 10th (2nd Fri)         LESSON: TBA
  • Dec 24th (4th Fri)         *Holiday Party!   LESSON: "Swing Rhythm Variations"
  • Dec 30th (5th Fri)         LESSON: TBA

POSTED MARCH 1st, 2020

= "LIVE" Om Culture Dances Postponed Until Lockdown is Lifted =
.... But join us on Zoom for the next best thing!  (See details above)

In accordance with the latest Seattle King County Public Health recommendations for curtailing the spread of Corona Virus, Roll Up The Rug has decided to postpone its regular 2nd and 4th Friday dances at Om Culture until further notice.  I’m very sorry to have to do this as I know how much these kinds of dances and social events have become an integral part of our lives.  Please know that this decision comes neither lightly nor from a place of panic, but rather from an earnest and genuine concern to protect ourselves and those more vulnerable individuals in our community from contracting or spreading this very virulent and potentially fatal virus. 

The Dept of Health defines those most vulnerable (or at greatest risk) as:

  • People 60 and older
  • People with underlying health conditions including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes
  • People who have weakened immune systems
  • People who are pregnant

The current recommendations are that people at higher risk of illness stay away from large group gatherings as much as possible, particularly if those gatherings include close contact with others.  They further recommend the following common-sense advice:

  • Stay home if you are sick, or have a chronic condition.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick or at high risk for spreading the virus.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Get a flu shot if you haven't already. 

The most important thing right now is for everyone to stay safe, to take care of each other, to prepare for events being cancelled or postponed, and to actively monitor the latest WHOCDCCanadian Public Health, and State Health Department recommendations.

We need to be especially vigilant about this because although we may not personally be in one of those high-risk categories mentioned above, there is a good chance that we will come into primary or secondary contact with others who are.  Our Om Culture dances usually draw in a fairly large contingent of dancers and putting these dances on hold until further notice will hopefully help to keep ourselves, our community, our friends, and our loved ones that much the healthier and safer in the days to come.

So be safe out there.  We look forward to starting up the Om Culture dances once the virus has run it’s course and the danger has passed, and we want to see you there as healthy and happy as ever!   :)




Regularly Scheduled Om Culture Dances


2nd & 4th Fabulous Friday's


@ Om Culture  (See the Schedule Below)

Join us for our wonderful new Friday series of MIXED VARIETY DANCES at Om Culture,

2nd Fridays

"Fabulous Variety Dance" 

  Enjoy the perfect mix of Swing, Fox, Waltz, WCS, NC2S, Ballroom & Latin tunes, plus a healthy smattering of other dance styles (blues, fusion, 1-step, zydeco,  etc).  Doors open at 7:45.  Ari teaches a fun all-levels class from 8:00-8:30pm (FREE with admission to the dance) followed by a wonderful mix of music and dance tunes for your pleasure and enjoyment. 



Enjoy late night lyrical & micro-fusion after 10:30pm.  So much fun!

4th Fridays

"Fabulous Variety Dance"

 It's our "Best Of..." mixed music night at Om Culture.  Enjoy beautiful mix of Swing, Fox, Waltz, Ballroom & Latin tunes, plus a healthy mix of other dance styles (wcs, nc2s, fusion, 1-step, etc).  Ari teaches a wonderful all-levels dance class at 8:00 (FREE with dance admission), followed by a fabulous mix of music for your dancing pleasure.



Enjoy late night lyrical & micro-fusion after 10:30pm.  So much fun!

  • 7:45pm: Doors Open, Pre-Dance Music
  • 8:00pm-8:30pmDance Lesson (FREE with admission) Style TBA
  • 8:30-10:30pm: "Fabulous Friday Variety Dance" (waltz, swing, blues, ballroom, Latin, WCS, NC2S, and more!)
  • 10:30-Late: "Fusion After Hours" (Lyrical fusion, blues, and other late-night dance music)
Om Culture, 2210 N Pacific St, Seattle, WA (plentiful free street parking on Northlake Ave.  CLICK HERE to see a map for parking)

  • From 8:00pm on (Lesson AND Dance, or Dance Only):  $10
  • From 10:30pm on (Late Night Set):  $5

Cash or check only at the door.
**There is also a "Pay-What-You-Can" option for those in financial need  (We don't want cost to prohibit your participation if you really can't afford it)

UPCOMING "Live" DANCES for 2021:

[New Dates TBA once the lockdown is over]


  • Jan 10th (2nd Fri)       LESSON: "Latin-Blues"
  • Jan 24th (4th Fri)        LESSON: "Swing"
  • Feb 14th (2nd Fri)    *Valentine Party!  LESSON: "Romantic Rumba"
  • Feb 28th (4th Fri)       NO LESSON; Dance starts at 8pm
  • Mar 13th (2nd Fri)      LESSON: Intro to "Boogie Woogie"
  • Mar 27th (4th Fri)       NO LESSON; Dance starts at 8pm
  • Apr 10th (2nd Fri)       LESSON: "Bachata"
  • Apr 24th (4th Fri)        LESSON: "Intro to Traveling Blues"
  • May 8th (2nd Fri)       *Waltz Fest NW Party!  LESSON: "Waltz Basics"
  • May 22nd (4th Fri)      *NO DANCE TONIGHT due to Folklife Festival (come  dance to Blues at the Armory!)
  • May 29th (5th Fri)      LESSON: "Swing"
  • June 12th (2nd Fri)       LESSON: "Night Club 2-Step"
  • June 26th (4th Fri)       LESSON: "Summer Blues"
  • July 10th (2nd Fri)       LESSON: "Cha Cha"
  • July 26th (4th Fri)        LESSON: "Bachata"
  • July 31st (5th Fri)       LESSON: "Swing"
  • Aug 14th (2nd Fri)        LESSON: "Country 2-Step"
  • Aug 28th (4th Fri)        LESSON: "Night Club 2-Step"
  • Sept 11th (2nd Fri)      LESSON: "Waltz"
  • Sept 25th (4th Fri)        LESSON: "Night Club 2-Step"
  • Oct 9th (2nd Fri)           LESSON: "Blues"
  • Oct 23th (4th Fri)       *Black Cat Halloween Ball!  LESSON: "Monster Mash"   7:30 Wine & Cheese, bring finger food to share!
  • Oct 30th (5th Fri, tentative)      LESSON: "Swing"
  • Nov 13th (2nd Fri)       LESSON:  Tango-Fusion  
  • Nov 27th (4th Fri)        1-4pm, Heber's Post-Thanksgiving Potluck and Dance (bring yummy food!).  No evening dance that night
  • Dec 11th (2nd Fri)       LESSON: "Connection Skills"
  • Dec 25th (4th Fri)       *Holiday Party!   LESSON: "Swing"

[New Dates TBA]  


at Om Culture for

The “Black Cat Ball”
A Rollicking Night of Rhythm & Boo’s!

It's going to be a GRRRRREAT night of music, dance, and more!

WHEN:   New Dates TBA (7:30-11:00pm)

  • 7:30-8:00:  Special Wine & "Boo's" Happy Hour and Social!  Come mingle & meet other dance enthusiasts   :) 
  • 8:00-8:30:  Pre-Dance Lesson: Learn the “Monster Mash!
  • 8:30-11:00:  Ari DJ’s a wonderful mix of Halloween  "Rhythm & Boo's" (plus other variety music) for your listening and dancing pleasure! 

 WHERE:  Om Culture  (2210 N Pacific St, Seattle)

 TO BRING:   A Fun New Look! (...of your choosing)
                     Finger Food to Share! (Fun!) 

 COST:   $10 (Cash or Check at the Door)

ON-GOING Dance CLasses:

Check out our DANCE CLASS Schedule