The video below: Ari & Alyssa demo "LYRICAL FUSION"

 The video below: "FUN WITH FUSION WALTZ"

 The videos below: "NIGHT CLUB TWO-STEP"

1)  "Fusion" Night Club 2-Step #1: Ari & Alyssa (Seattle, WA), 2017    

2)  Night Club 2-Step demo: Ari & Jodi (Seattle, WA), 2009    

3)  "Fusion" Night Club 2-Step #2: Ari & Alyssa (Seattle, WA), 2017    

4)  "Blended" Night Club 2-Step: Ari & Jodi (Seattle, WA), April, 2022 

5)  "Blended" Night Club 2-Step (Fox & Salsa): Ari & Jodi (Seattle, WA), May, 2022 

6)  Nightclub Two-Step demo, Ari & Whitney (Boulder Workshop) Oct, 2011   

6)  Nightclub Two-Step demo, Ari & Jodi, Take 2 (Seattle, WA) Oct, 2009                                     



1)  Double Time Fusion, Instructor Improv & Demo, Seattle Fusion Festival: Ari & Volunteer (Seattle, WA),  Oct 2, 2015   

2)  Double Time Fusion, Instructor Improv & Demo, Mission Fusion Extravaganza (MFX): Ari Levitt & Flouer Evelyn (San Francisco, CA),  March, 2016     

3)  Double Time Fusion Freestyle, Ari & Flouer free styling in the Seattle Arboretum (Feb 2016)  



1) Balboa Swing demo (Seattle, WA. July, 2013):  Ari & Melanie demo a 'Bal-Swing' number during Seattle's "Dancing 'til Dusk' Fest

2) ECS - Balboa Fusion demo (Seattle, WA. March, 2013):  Here, Ari & Melanie enjoy a spontaneous fusion-swing moment, utilizing elements borrowed from East Coast Swing & Balboa.  Ari is one of this country's leading innovators and instructors in "fusion" dance, a style which borrows elements from one social dance style and blends them seamlessly into another.

The videos below:  "CROSS-STEP" WALTZ

1) Ari & Whitney Cross-Step Teaser (White Salmon, WA)      

2-4) Ari's Seattle classes and Waltz Fest NW 2019  

5)  Ari & Whitney, Improvisation at "Dancing 'til Dusk" (Seattle, WA)      

6-7)  Intermediate "Fusion Waltz" Workshops:  Ari & Jodi (Seattle, WA), March, 2009;  April, 2009      

8)  Fusion Waltz Workshop, the "double dutch":  Ari & Whitney (Portland, OR), Oct, 2010      

9-10)  Fusion Waltz Classes, Stanford Waltz Week:  Ari & Julie (Stanford, CA), June, 2009       

11) Intro to Fusion Waltz Class, Ari & Julie (Friday Night Waltz in Palo Alto, CA), 2009    

12) Cross-Step Waltz (Nanaimo, BC) June 21, 2105   

13)  University of Texas Workshop (March 25, 2012)   

14)  Ragtime Waltz Performance (Cornucopia Harvest Ball - Oct, 2011) 

 The video below: "Waltz Rueda"

A concept borrowed from "salsa rueda", we first developed "waltz rueda" as a way for members of our waltz practice group to change partners without stopping the music.  It became so fun to do we developed a whole repertoire of combinations to practice that would allow to seamlessly make these changes.  

Here Ari is calling out various moves and to the group.  So fun!  Ari teaches many of these combination as part of his waltz weekends or in workshops he runs around the country and in Europe.

 The videos below: Int/Adv "Cross-Step Waltz" Combination

A masterful instructor, these are the kinds of beautiful and fluid moves Ari teaches in workshops around the country and abroad to the more advanced waltz crowds.  


The videos below:  "BLUES STYLINGS"

1) "Ballroomin' Blues Improv":  Ari & Flouer (Seattle, WA), 2016    

2) "Blues-Waltz Improv":  Ari & Amy (Hilo HI), 2015 (video cut off)     

3) "Slow Blues" Workshop concept review and demo:  Ari & Whitney  (Boulder, CO), 2012.  Ari points out at 1:15 that he and Whitney have not yet moved their feet…     

4) "Slow Blues" Improv:  Ari & Cristina (Seattle, WA), 2009     

5) "Swinging the Blues":  Ari & Gin (Seattle, WA), June 2009     

6) "Slow Blues Demo": Ari & Whitney (Dancing 'til Dusk, Seattle, WA), June 2010    7)  "Blues Demo" - "walking steps": Ari & Whitney (Seattle, WA), 2010   8) "Blues-Latin Fusion" Workshop: Ari & Whitney (Hood River, OR), Oct 2010   9) "Salsa-fy Your Blues" Workshop:  Ari & Whitney (Hood River, OR), April 2011     

10)  "Blues-Waltz Improv" with Karen (Harrison Hot Springs, BC), June 2015         

11)  "Blues Class Demo & Recap" with Whitney Evans (Portland, OR), May 2012     

The videos below:

1)  Ari Levitt - WCS class #4, step demo with Lisa ( Sept 25, 2018)  

2) Emerald City Hoedown, WCS Workshop Review (Seattle, WA - May 26, 2019) 

The videos below:  "LINDY & SWING"

1-2) Ari & Whitney:  "Swing Innovations" teaser and step review from White Salmon Workshop (White Salmon, WA), 2011      

3-5) "Lindy Hop" Improv:  Ari & Jane (Various Streets & Coffee Shops of San Francisco, CA), 2008  

The videos below: "Salsa Workshop Review Excerpt & Demo"

1)   Ari & Whitney: "Mambo-Style Cross-Body Lead Variations", from our Sizzling Summer Salsa Series  (Seattle, WA, 2012)



The video below: "Playful Improv During Ari's Summer Birthday Jam!"

1)  Ari's Birthday Jam at  "Dancing 'Til Dusk" (July 2016):  2) Ari, with Whitney, Gwen, Reggie, Kara, David, Tim, Lilli Ann: "Ari's Dancing 'Til Dusk" Birthday Jam (Seattle, WA, July 2010).  Here. you'll see a mix of Blues, East Coast Swing, WCS, Lindy, & Fusion.   **NOTE:  The camera was accidentally held sideways during first minute of shoot.  Our apologies for this, but we thought you would enjoy seeing the video anyway! (BTW, tilting your head works to get you through that first minute)