Kitsap Dance Weekend, Feb 12-13, 2022

 Join us for a very special weekend workshop for the Seattle Dance Community!

 Please join us for a very special 
Kitsap "Roll Up The Rug" Dance Weekend!

Feb 12-13, 2022 (Sat-Sun)

**PLEASE NOTE:  In order to keep our lead-follow balance even, all single follows will currently be placed on a wait list.  Single leads and lead-follow pairs can still get in right away.  Come on leads -- we need you to get our follows off the wait list!

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Five fabulous 2-Hour Sessions on Sat & Sun at a private home/studio  (doors open at 9:45am; home address will be sent with registration), plus a mixed variety dance Saturday night for all participants and guests

LEVEL FOR ALL CLASSES:  "Non-Novice" -- meaning it's geared toward people who are not absolute beginning social dancers (ie, the classes will likely move a little faster than a typical beginning class). 

**Please Note:  COVID Vax & masks required for participation

--------------------------  SCHEDULE ---------------------------

 Saturday, Feb 12th 

     THEME: "Building from the Ground Up

SESSION 1:  "Night Club 2-Step Magic"  

     TIME:  10:00am-12:00pm

Description: Learn a variety of fun, innovative combinations from Ari's library of moves and inventions; beautiful, flowing, and elegant as always.  Ari first introduced NC2S to Seattle over 30 years ago, is known as one of the country's leading innovators in this style, and actively teaches this dance around the world.  Perfect for non-novice beg/int level NC2S-ers.  CLICK HERE to see an example of NC2S.

---  LUNCH  (12:00 - 1:00pm)  ---  

SESSION 2:  "Swinging Outside the Box"    

     TIME:  1:00-3:00pm

Description: Using Blues and East Coast Swing dance as a foundation, we learn to break out of the six-count basic steps and explore alternate rhythms and fun, improvisational stylings. Perfect for both beginning dancers or experienced dancers who want to focus on partnering and connection while learning a whole lot more about swinging outside the box.

SESSION 3: "An Introduction to Laminu" (Balboa's favorite cousin) 

     TIME:  3:15-5:15pm

Description: Laminu is an historic dance style related to foxtrot, swing, & balboa but done to very slow ballads.  The dance has lovely steps & patterns that can be seamlessly applied to almost any form of swing, blues, tango, or traveling steps you do, and will introduce you to a whole new way to dance to slow ballads.  It is now experiencing a rapid revival around the world among the Swing, Lindy, and Balboa communities.

---  DANCE PARTY  ---  

Saturday Night Sock Hop (7:30-10:00pm):  
Join us for a fun evening of mixed social dancing (swing, blues, waltz, WCS, NC2S, foxtrots, laminu, and more!) DJ'd by Ari.  FREE to all workshop participants and invited guests.  Vax + Mask required.


Sunday, Feb 13th


THEME: "Striking out in New Directions"

SESSION 4 "Fancy Swivels and Tango-Blues Fusion!"  

     TIME:  10:00am-12:00pm

Description: This class will introduce elements of Tango-Blues blending -- a very beautiful free-style, smooth and relaxed dance form that combine the best aspects of tango and blues.  Amazingly simple to do, yet so much fun!  Perfect for both non-novice beginning dancers or for experienced dancers who want to focus on partnering and connection. No previous tango experience needed.  

   --- LUNCH  (12:00 - 1:00pm) --- 

SESSION 5:  "Blues, Fusion, & The WCS Connection" 

    TIME:  1:00-3:00pm

Description: Using Ari's very unique approach to understanding effortless partnered movement and lead & follow roles, you will not only learn a whole different approach to partnered dance, you'll come away with a much deeper understanding of the fundamental language of energy & flow in blues, fusion, and WCS that can also be applied to virtually any style you do!  Not to be missed! 

**Please note: Ari will also be available for private lessons over the weekend (please see definitions section below)


  • SAT & SUN - ALL WORKSHOPS:  Location is a private home/studio located north of Bainbridge Island, convenient to both Bainbridge (20 min) and Kingston (10 min) ferry terminals.  Address will be sent with registration confirmation 


Door opens 15 minutes before class. Come early to sign in, change shoes, stretch, warm up, etc.

SINGLE SESSION  (2-Hrs) (Sat or Sun, Morning or Afternoon)

SATURDAY DAY PASS  (All 3 sessions on Saturday)

SUNDAY DAY PASS  (Both sessions on Sunday)

FULL WEEKEND SPECIAL: (All Sessions, Saturday AND Sunday)

STUDENT PRICING: (Under Age 25, with Student ID) 

(save $15)

$50 (save $10)

$100 (save $50!)

$20 (per 2-hr session) 
$80 (for full weekend package) 

Payment can be made online using a credit card, Venmo, or PayPal, or at the door in person by cash or check 15 minutes before the class (please see full details on the PAYMENT page)

Pre-registration is highly encouraged to maintain lead/follow balance.  

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"Single Session" = A single session consists of one 2-hour class.

"Day Pass" = A day pass includes both morning AND afternoon sessions on EITHER Sat OR Sun, 

"Full Weekend" = A full weekend pass includes both morning AND afternoon session on BOTH Sat AND Sun (5 workshops)


Private Lessons with Ari

Ari will be available for private lessons all day Sat or Sun when he's not at the workshops or dances. The charge for private lessons is $90/hr. Please contact to set up lesson times.



Students must be under age 25 and must present student ID at check in/registration prior to class