Campbell Miller Workshop 2016

VENUE UPDATE:  (May 12, 2016)

PLEASE NOTE that there has been a change of venue for the Saturday & Sunday afternoon sessions:  Morning workshops will continue to be held at China Harbor.  All afternoon workshops have been moved to Om Culture  

*Please refer to the location section below for directions* 

Join us for a very special dance workshop weekend for the Seattle community!  

Please welcome special guest

Campbell Miller

for her

4th Annual

Seattle Workshop Weekend!

May 13-15, 2016


Campbell is the director of the social dance program at the University of Texas in Austin. Prior to that, she was Richard Powers' teaching partner while at Stanford University.

Campbell brings an incredible amount of diversity, style, and grace to her dancing, having won numerous national and international competitions and teachings posts at dance camps around the world where she and her partner have specialized in classes on blues, swing, and social dance. You can recognize her and her students on many of Richard's "Google Waltz Lab" videos online.

She is very excited to be able to share her own love and interest in, and wide repertoire of waltz, swing, blues, NC2S, and more during this special weekend in Seattle!

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(For Class Descriptions, Locations, Registration, Pricing, Videos, and more, See Sections Below This One) 

Friday, May 13th (7:30pm-11:30pm)

WHATFabulous Friday Dance At Om Culture, Campbell will teach a "Creativity in Blues" lesson from 7:45-8:30 (all levels, no partner needed, all are welcome) and will then co-DJ the mixed variety dance and late night blues & fusion sets, introducing us to even more wonderful music for our listening and dancing pleasure!  


  • 7:30pm:  Door's open
  • 7:45-8:30pm:  Campbell teaches an wonderful "Creativity in Blues" lesson -- a very fun and easy way to explore blues movement & musicality.  Come and learn new aspects of this juicy dance  :)  LEVEL:  All Levels
  • 8:30-10:30pm: "Fabulous Friday Mixed Social Dance":  Dance to a wonderful mix of swing, salsa, blues, ballroom, waltz, foxtrot, NC2S, WCS, and more, with Campbell and Ari co-DJ-ing!  Campbell and Ari will be available for coaching & facilitating throughout the evening. A great time for individual questions!
  • 10:30pm-Late: "2nd Friday Late Night Westie Jam":  Guest DJ Koichi will be spinning tunes for a fabulous 2nd Friday Lat Night Westie Jam!

LOCATION: Om Culture, 2210 N Pacific Street, Seattle, WA (In the Wallingford neighborhood, just SW of Gasworks Park). Plentiful free parking on N Northlake Way (just across the Brook-Gilman Trail). Click here for directions and web page.

COST: $15 for the full lesson AND dance package;  $10 for either the dance only OR the lesson only (cash or check at the door only please.  $7 after 10:30pm.  No pre-registration needed.  Everyone welcome!  No partner necessary)


Saturday, May 14th: (Morning & Afternoon Workshops)

THEME: "Fun with Blending"

Four Classes (Two Workshop Sessions) from 10am-Noon (at China Harbordoors open at 9:45am), and from 2-4pm (at Om Culture, doors open at 1:45pm)

  SESSION I:  "West Coast Swing" Meets "The Blues"  LEVEL: Non-Novice* (familiarity with WCS basics recommended)

A)   10:00-11:00am   Part 1: "Bridging the Gap"

B)   11:00-12:00pm   Part 2:  "Fun New Combinations"  

---  LUNCH  (12:00 - 2:00pm)  ---

Workshop participants will enjoy a 25% discount on any menu entrée item if you  decide to eat at China Harbor

    SESSION II: "Fabulous Night Club 2-Step Innovations"    LEVEL: Non-Novice (familiarity with NC2S basics recommended)

C)   2:00-3:00pm   "Fun & Unique NC2S Variations from Campbell" 

D)   3:00-4:00pm   "NC2S Blending - Stealing Moves from Other Dances"

Sunday, May 15th  (Morning & Afternoon Workshops)


THEME: "Striking out in new directions"

Four Classes (Two Workshop Sessions) from 10am-Noon (at China Harbordoors open at 9:45am), and from 2-4pm (at Om Culture, doors open at 1:45pm)

   SESSION I:  The Magic of "Bluesy Waltz"      LEVEL:  All Levels

A)   10:00-11:00am   "Putting the 'Bluesy' into your Blues Waltz - Musicality & Movement"

B)   11:00-12:00pm   "Adding Flair -- Spicing Up Your Waltz with Fun Rhythm Breaks, Fancy Syncopations, and More!"

   --- LUNCH  (12:00 - 2:00pm) ---

Workshop participants will enjoy a 25% discount on any menu entrée item if you  decide to eat at China Harbor

    SESSION II:  Fabulous "Cross-Step Waltz"    LEVEL: Non-Novice (familiarity with Cross-Step Waltz basics recommended)

C)   2:00-3:00pm   "Creative Engineering in Cross-Step Waltz"  -- Learn creative new techniques to innovate your dancing

D)   3:00-4:00pm   "Fun New Cross-Step Variations" -- including 'mirrors', 'reversals' , & 'swaps'

**Please note: Campbell will also be available for private lessons over the weekend (please see definitions section below)  


  • "Creativity in Blues":  (Friday Night, Om Culture Dance, 7:45pm)

If improvisation scares you or you’re not sure how to be more creative, this class is for you!  We will play some fun games that will get you out of your head and help you move in new ways. 

  • "West Coast Swing" Meets "the Blues":  (Saturday Morning Workshops, 10am-noon)
This workshop will challenge you to mix techniques from West Coast Swing and Blues to create a fun crossover concoction.  We will explore how to incorporate different parts of your body to add a new level of expression, and you and your partner will have the freedom to dance "out of the slot" and co-create each dance playfully and musically    We will play some fun games that will get you out of your head and help you move in new ways.   

Prerequisite: This class requires that you are comfortable with basic West Coast Swing patterns and connection. Knowledge of Blues dancing is not required but will be helpful.

  • "Night Club 2-Step Innovations":  (Saturday Afternoon Workshops, 2-4pm)
Experience new Night Club variations based on ideas from Campbell's students at UT Austin.  She loves importing ideas from other social dance styles, so you may recognize ideas from Tango, West Coast Swing, and other fun dances!

  • "The Magic of 'Bluesy' Waltz: (Sunday Morning Workshops, 10am-noon)

    One of Campbell's favorite styles, Bluesy Waltz is a fusion dance that incorporates elements from Blues dancing, such as body movement and rhythmic play, to express the tension and release in Waltz and Blues songs

  • "Fabulous Cross-Step Waltz" (Sunday Afternoon Workshops, 2-4pm)

This class will test your mind to create new variations using a few creativity techniques, including mirrors, reversals, and swaps. Solid technique and comfortable partnering will be emphasized as we add open our minds to new ideas!



  • FRI EVENING, and SAT & SUN AFTERNOONS:  Om Culture, 2210 N Pacific St, Seattle, WA.  

    The Friday night dance has a separate admission from the weekend workshops (No pre-registration needed; Pay cash or check at the door; See costs below).  There is plentiful free street parking next to the building and on N. Northlake Way

  • SAT & SUN MORNINGS ONLY:  China Harbor, 2040 Westlake Ave N., Seattle, WA  


    There is plenty of free parking in the lot just outside the front door.  China Harbor is an active restaurant and bar.  All workshop participants will receive 25% off of their entrée items if you decide to eat at the restaurant before, between, or after classes.



Registration opens 15 minutes before class at all locations. Come early to sign in, change shoes, stretch, warm up, etc. 



 SINGLE SESSION ONLY (2-Hrs) (Sat or Sun, Morning or Afternoon)  

 DAY PASS  (Both 2-Hr Sessions, Sat or Sun)  

 FULL WEEKEND  (All four 2-Hr Sessions, Sat & Sun) 

REGULAR BIRD: (May 1st-13th 

AT THE DOOR: (Day of Event)  

STUDENT PRICING:  (Must Be Under Age 25, with Student ID.  See Definitions Section Below) 

FRIDAY NIGHT, LESSON & DANCE with Campbell @ Om Culture: (Not included with weekend pass; Pay with cash or check at the door, no pre-registration needed)   



$20 (save $15) 


$15 Lesson & Dance Package

$10 Lesson Only OR Dance Only

 $60 (save $10) 

 $65 (save $5) 

 $40 (save $30) 

 $110 (save $30) 

 $120 (save $20) 

 $75 (save $65) 

Pre-registration is highly encouraged to maintain lead/follow balance.  


"Single Session" = A single session consists of two 1-hour classes, and the 15 minute guided practice immediately following the second class  [Total: 2.25 hours]

"Day Pass" = A day pass includes all four morning and afternoon classes (2 sessions) and the 15 minute guided practice immediately following each session, on either Sat or Sun.  Each session is 2.25 hours [Total: 4.5 hours]

"Full Weekend" = A full weekend pass includes all eight Sat & Sun afternoon classes (4 sessions) and the 15 minute guided practice immediately following each session, on both Sat & Sun.  Each session is 2.25 hours [Total: 9 hours]


A la Carte Costs for Individual Evening Dances

Friday Evening:  Lessons AND Dance at Om Culture = $15, Lesson only OR Dance only = $10


Private Lessons with Campbell

Campbell will be available for private lessons all day Friday, and on Sat or Sun when she's not at the workshops or dances. The charge for private lessons is $75/hr if you are registered for any part of the Workshop Weekend, or $85/hr if you are not.  Please contact to set up lesson times. Lessons will be held at a private residence/studio in the Eastlake area of Seattle (just off I-5 & 520), unless other arrangements are made with Campbell.



Students must be under age 25 and must present student ID at check in/registration prior to class

Campbell & Chris Instructor Demo - Blues Waltz Fusion:


Campbell & Tommy:  WCS Blues Demo

Campbell & Tommy:  WCS & Blues Fusion Synergy

A little more about Campbell from her website bio:

Campbell first fell in love with social dance at Stanford, where she performed in several vintage dance groups, partnered Richard Powers' classes, and earned the Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts, the Dance Division's highest arts award. Today she feels lucky to have found her dream job -- teaching social dance on the faculty at the University of Texas in Austin and traveling the world to share her passion for dance.

At home, Campbell is working to energize the Austin dance community with new ideas and bring together dancers with different backgrounds. In her travels, she focuses on Blues dancing and Fusion -- how to combine elements from styles like Blues, Tango, Waltz, and Swing to be able to dance to a wide variety of music. Her classes strike a unique balance between technique and play, giving students just enough detail to challenge themselves but also plenty of confidence to be creative on the dance floor. 

Her talent, warmth, and pure joy for teaching and dancing create a memorable learning experience that has students coming back for more!