Class Descriptions

FIVE MONDAYS's:  (Nov 21-Dec 19) 

MONDAY THEME:  "Introduction to dance and dance connection!",  CLASS LEVEL:  Beginning 

  • 7:00-8:00:  "Blues Foundations - Movement & Connection" - Learn the true art of partner dancing with this fun blues-based introduction to steps, styling, and lead/follow connection!  Perfect for both beginning dancers or experienced dancers who want to focus on connection.
  • 8:00-9:00:  "Swing, 101" - The perfect introduction to swing dancing!  Take the energy up a notch, now adding 6-count swing steps, turns, and traveling moves to the pot.  Great to take in conjunction with the 7pm "Art of Partnering" class

FIVE TUESDAY's:  (Nov 22-Dec 20), plus free admission to our Tuesday Dances.  

TUESDAY THEME:  "Let's invent!",    CLASS LEVEL:  Intermediate  (some basic dance experience required)

  • 7:00-8:00:  "Cross-Step Waltz Creations for Int/Adv Dancers" - Add such original steps as the "Barber's Combover", the "Seat Belt", the "Neck Strap", the "Double Dutch", the "Copa Catch", and the "Maypole" to your cross-step repertoire! Perfect for int/adv level waltzers. Click here to see video teaser of class.
  • 8:00-9:00:  "Night Club 2-Step: Fun Combinations II" - Learn a variety of fun, innovative combinations from Ari's library of moves and inventions; beautiful, flowing, and elegant as always.  Perfect for int/adv level NC2S-ers.


FIVE WEDNESDAY's:  (Nov 23-Dec 21)  

WEDNESDAY THEME:  "Focus on Connection!",  CLASS LEVEL:  All Levels 

  • 7:00-8:00:  "Blues - Advanced Framework for All Levels of Dancers" - an essential class for mastering the art of quiet lead/follow connection and the ability for both partners to lead and listen concurrently -- the hallmark of great BLUES dancers!  Designed for dancers of all levels.
  • 8:00-9:00:  "Swing - Advanced Framework for All Levels of Dancers" -  an essential class for mastering the art of higher energy lead/follow connection and the ability to lead or respond to 'powered-up' movement -- the hallmark of great SWING dancers!  Great to take in conjunction with the 7pm "Advanced Framework - Blues Based" class.  Click here to see Video Teaser For Class.

Class size is limited, so register early!

No partner needed! 




 A.  Two  TUESDAY classes focusing on "The Creative Process":

On Tuesday nights we'll take advantage of the large dance space at China Harbor to explore the process of creativity in dance.  
    • Nightclub 2-Step, fun intermediate combinations" (Tues, 7-8pm) 
      • Night club two step is a beautiful smooth-style flowing dance that combines elements of the "quick-quick-slow" latin or salsa step with the upright, lilting, traveling style of a foxtrot or ballroom dance, and is danced to some of the most beautiful, slower, straight-tempo'd pop-songs or  ballads that you'll hear coming from the last three decades.  
In each class we'll introduce a basic element of the dance, then dive deeper into variations that can be strung into a delightful combination that you can continue to build upon.  For those who took Ari's intro classes with Lilli Ann, or intermediate workshops with Whitney this summer, this is perfect for you! 
**Ari is one of this country's leading experts in Night Club 2-Step, having learned the dance in California directly from it's innovator, Buddy Schwimmer over 25 years ago.  In the early 1990's, he introduced the first Night Club 2-Step classes to Seattle while teaching with Living Traditions, and has been performing, creating, and teaching it locally, nationally and internationally ever since.  Click here to see an example of this beautiful, flowing, smooth-style dance.
  • Inventing the "Waltz Rueda" (Tues, 8-9pm):  
This will be a wonderful class for intermediate & advanced level dancers, where participants will work collaboratively to help invent, name, and create a video library of moves and transitions for a dance style we're calling "Waltz Rueda".  Borrowing from the "salsa rueda" and "round dance" forms, waltz rueda will use cross-step waltz as a foundation for movements where partners can be exchanged or passed back and forth within the dance.  So far nothing like this exists in a formalized way for cross-step waltz, so we'll literally be the first to create and name the movements for this dance!

B.  Two WEDNESDAY classes focusing on "Connection"  

We'll take one night and offer two classes that focus on lead/follow connection in Blues and in Swing.  Connection is what creates the conversation in dance and allows for spontaneity and improvisation.  This is also Ari's forte as a teacher and as a dancer.  These are the kinds of classes that will improve your dance skills dramatically!

  • "Blues Foundations and Role-Reversal" (Wed, 7-8pm):    An essential class for not only mastering the art of lead/follow connection, but for understanding how both partners need to lead and listen (follow) at the same time while dancing -- the hallmark of great dancers!   In addition to connection, we'll learn compression, extension, and stretch techniques that apply not only to blues, but to all dance forms.  This is the perfect class to learn how to create conversations in your dance and how to share the lead back and forth with your partner. 
  • "Swing for Small Spaces" (Wed, 8:15-9:15):   Put the cool in your swing by making less matter more.  "Cool" is not making it look like you're working hard -- it's making it look effortless!  And if you've ever seen Ari dance, this is what he does!  In this class you'll learn the techniques for connecting to your partner in swing that you won't get from a simple 'steps' class.  You'll learn foundations that will allow you to dance effortlessly with any partner, whether you're a beginning, intermediate, or advanced dancer.  Make nuance matter!  Celebrate the cool....   ;)           

C.  Two THURSDAY classes all about "Fun with Footwork"  

On Thursday we offer two classes that highlight fun, juicy moves and combinations in a variety of innovative dance styles perfect for the club scene:

  •  "Rhumba Nuevo"(Thur, 7-8pm):  In the spirit of  "Tango Nuevo" which opens up, relaxes, and introduces free-style movement to the more traditional tango form, in Rhumba Nuevo, we make the same transition from traditional to "nuevo", both in music and in steps and styling.   First learn the essentials of rhumba dancing, then learn to integrate elements from foxtrot, traveling blues, tango and even kizomba into the steps to create a new blend of rhumba that's out of this world!  If you know rhumba, this will be a delight for you to play with.  If you don't know rhumba, this will be a perfect introduction to this dance!
  • Club Dancing 101:  The "Hustle" & "Disco 1-Step"(Thur, 8:15-9:15):     We'll explore these two fun, lively, up-tempo dance styles that can be done to almost any modern club or up-tempo WCS music.  
    • The "Hustle" is a rotational slot dance form that was popularized in the 70's, made famous by the song of the same name, and memorialized in the dance movies of that era.  It is a style that Ari has been dancing and teaching for over 20 years, and which is seeing a resurgence today.
    • The Disco 1-Step is a fun, versatile, single-step based club dance that is experiencing a revival in the USA.  It's one of the most popular forms of club dancing in the South Pacific, goes hand-in-hand with the hustle, and is a lot of fun to learn! It's also incredibly versatile and creative as it can be applied to travel dancing or to spot dancing. Great for students of all levels!