Join us Sunday, Sept 13, 2015 in Baltimore, MD for:

"Dancing with Horses"

 A entirely new way to experience partnered connection 

Join us for a fabulous WORLD PREMIER WORKSHOP - "Dancing With Horses":  an understanding of how the same lead & follow framework that invites effortless movement on the dance floor can be applied across species to learn to connect with and to "dance" with horses, and how the same skills that allow you to commune with horses can be applied to the kind of partnered movement you would experience on the dance floor!  

It's a whole new way to appreciated movement and dance --  an amazing experience that is not only incredibly fun, but one that will give you profound insight into the invisible art of inviting effortless movement in your partners, whether they have two left feet or one...

--- A "Roll Up The Rug" & "Arion Center" Collaborative ---


WHEN:   Sunday, Sept 13th, 2015, 1:00 - 4:00pm  (Doors open at 12:30)
WHERE2000 Old Epping Forest Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401

Space is limited to 12 participants, so sign up soon!


Last year, while working with at a program for cancer-survivor patients in Baltimore, Ari and Emma met and compared the kinds of unique therapeutic approaches they were each offering. 

Ari teaches the art of effortless social-partner dancing by using many energy-based blues, tango, and fusion techniques to create amazing non-verbal conversations between partners.  His focus on having dancers simultaneously listen to and invite movement in their partner lays the foundations for building very profound and incredibly satisfying dance connections.  After describing this process to Emma, Ari was amazed to learn how the exact same techniques are used by her during her equestrian therapy sessions, where participants on foot are literally invited to "dance" with their horses, by simultaneously listening to and inviting weight shifts in the animals, making the lead/follow  connection equally effortless and profound.   With this epiphany, the idea for collaborating together on a "dancing with horses" project was born -- the first of it's kind to be offered anywhere!

This workshop is perfect for you whether you are a very experienced dancer/rider, or completely non-experienced.  It will profoundly change the way you think about leading or following, listening and inviting, and the ability to create effortless flow.  Moreover, it will show you how the same kinds of techniques used for creating a compassionate collaborative partnership can be applied both on the dance floor between humans, and off the dance floor between humans and horses.

FORMAT:  We will spend one approximately half of the workshop working with horses as partners, and the other half working with each other as partners

All Welcome.  No partner needed.  No dance or horse experience necessary!

TO BRINGBring your play clothes.   Please bring water and snacks as needed for yourself.

  • Price for the first SIX registrants - $30.00
  • Price for the second SIX registrants - $40.00


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 Ari Levitt, MD
Award-winning dancer, teacher, and performer

Relationships Through Movement
Dance, Connect, Explore

The Arion Center is delighted to announce its first partnership with Dr. Ari Levitt and Roll Up The Rug & Dance!  This one-day workshop brings you the art of dancing as a way to connect with self, spirit, and relationship.  Discover the power of your movement and share it in partnership with horses. 

This workshop offers participants the somatic experience of dancing from the heart in combination with the insight from authentic connection with horses. Explore your relationship to self and others by learning what your bodies movements can teach your about partnership. Allow the Arion Center's team of Equine Healers to deepen your personal awareness and join you in the dance!
Join us in a dance with horses 

Ari Levitt, MD

Ari has been partnering, teaching, and performing dance in the Greater Seattle area, nationally, and internationally for over 25 years.  An award-winning dancer, teacher, and performer, his breadth of styles include Lindy Hop, Swing, Balboa, Blues, Ballroom, One-Step, NC2S, WCS, Salsa, Tango, & Latin. As a physician, Ari is one of the country's leading pioneers & experts in the burgeoning field of social dance therapy -- using movement, connection, and dance techniques as a modality for diagnosing and treating patients.

(206) 731-9172 


Emma Cruse, LGSW, EGC 

Emma has dedicated her educational career to explore human psychology and the role that horses can play in establishing balance and self-discovery for their two-legged partners. Emma is a licensed graduate social worker with a graduate degree from The Catholic University of America and a certified Equine Gestalt Coachâ„¢ through psychotherapist Melisa Pearce's 18-month Equine Gestalt Certification Programâ„¢.
(410) 279-0746
When & Where?
Sunday, Sept 13th, 2015

Time: 1:00 - 4:00pm

2000 Old Epping Forest Rd,
Annapolis, MD 21401

No dance or horse experience necessary!

Bring your play clothes.

Please water and snacks as needed for yourself.
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limited space available! (12 max)
Price for the first SIX registrants - $30.00
Price for the second SIX registrants - $40.00

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