Emily Webb Workshop Weekend, Feb 25-26, 2017

 Join us for a very special weekend workshop for the Seattle Dance Community!

 Please Welcome Bay Area Artist & Guest Instructor

Emily Webb

To Seattle, for a Fabulous

"Tango, Blues, & Fusion" Workshop & Dance Weekend!

Feb 25-26, 2017 (Sat-Sun)

Emily began her love affair with partner dancing in 1996.  Starting out as a Lindy Hopper, through the years she danced through Tango, Salsa, Blues, and finally Fusion dance.  Today, Tango and Fusion remain her greatest dance loves. She teaches tango and fusion across the U.S. and is the co-creator of both "Mission Fusion" and "Tango Atypico" in San Francisco.


While Emily loves to geek out on technique she also believes learning should be experiential and fun!  Her classes create a positive environment to explore human relationship, movement and expression in dance partnership.  Get ready to play, get geeky, laugh, learn and delve deep into the world of partner dance!

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Two fabulous 2-Hour Sessions on Sat & Sun (from 10am-Noon, and 2-4pm) at China Harbor (doors open at 9:45am)

Saturday, Feb 25th

     THEME: "Building from the Ground Up

SESSION 1:  Exploring New Connections and Steps’   (All Levels)

A)   10-11:00am: "It Takes Two To Tango (or Blues or Fusion)"   As the saying goes, "It takes two to Tango". Through fun connection-play we will not only explore a number of different combinations and steps (borrowed from various dance styles), but more importantly, pay special attention to and focus in on the more nuanced technical and emotional aspects it takes to create "effortless" connection and flow. Get ready to heighten the conversation between leads and follows making all your moves feel even more amazing!

B)   11-12:00pm   "Empowering Your Steps"  Why does dancing with a great dancer so often feel like a you're floating in a dream?  Connection? - yes, of course. But apart from connection, it’s also the quality of the steps.  In this class, using blues, tango, and fusion as our foundation, we will introduce various ways to show you how both the quality of your steps and your attention to axis can make virtually any dance you do that much more sweet and sexy.  WARNING: This is a fun, dynamic class that can change your dancing forever!

---  LUNCH  (12:00 - 2:00pm)  ---  

Workshop participants will enjoy a 25% discount on any menu entrée item if you  decide to eat at China Harbor

SESSION 2:  "Unleashing Your Dance Powers!"    (All Non-Novice Levels)

A)   2-3:00pm   Creating the "Unlimited Step": In this class we are going to learn a basic pattern and then change it and change it and change it again. How could such a simple step create so many variations?  It’s all about axis.  With attention to details and our steps we are going to open pandora’s box of creativity!

B)   3-4:00pm   Stretching the Boundaries with "Elasticity":  In this class we will build weight sharing and suspension skills to dynamize your dance with swoosh and whoosh!   Create fun, dynamic moves that involve leverage, suspension and lots of elasticity! Leads and follows will explore how to clearly and safely leverage each other’s weight, adding a new and dynamic dimension to your dance.

Sunday, Feb 26th


THEME: "Striking out in New Directions"

SESSION 3:  "At Play with Promenades, a Recipe for Fun!"    (All Non-Novice Levels)

A)   10-11:00am   "Fancy Entrances & Exits:  It’s time to get fancy and play 'dress-up' with the promenade movements that we all love and adore!  Using a variety of dance styles, this class will focus on exciting new ways to create fun and dynamic movement in and out of this classic dance position.

B)   11-12:00pm   "Garnishing Your Promenade Steps"  Simple starts can lead to great things!  Now that we've explored some fun new ways to get into promenades, it's time to figure out and embellish on what to do when you're there. This class will focus on the fun, new, creative aspects of the walk itself.  You'll be amazed to discover how quickly 'new timings', 'elastic suspensions', and 'opposing forces' can bring new life to your promenade!

   --- LUNCH  (12:00 - 2:00pm) --- 

Workshop participants will enjoy a 25% discount on any menu entrée item if you  decide to eat at China Harbor

SESSION 4:  "Rotational Momentum, the Icing on the Cake"   (All Non-Novice Levels)

A)   2-3:00pm   The Science of Counterbalance: Creating opportunities for counterbalancing can be among the most collaborative ways of dancing there is... And the moves are so much fun!   But no matter what your size, or whether you lead or follow, there is definitely a 'technique to be learned' for doing this -- an art to sharing weight and counter balancing your partner, if you will.  This class will focus on those skills that will make all your counter balance moves feel great and set you up for a lifetime of solid counter-balance bliss.

B)   3-4:00pm   Unleashing Your "All-Axis" Power:  Once we have the science of counterbalance down, it's time to fly into single and shared axis turns, and off-axis hang time (and maybe even spin time). This class will help you to increase your fun-factor exponentially with balance, awareness, and stability in your dance.

**Please note: Emily will also be available for private lessons over the weekend (please see definitions section below)


  • SAT & SUN - ALL WORKSHOPS:  China Harbor, 2040 Westlake Ave N., Seattle, WA  


    There is plenty of free parking in the lot just outside the front door.  China Harbor is an active restaurant and bar.  All workshop participants will receive 25% off of their entrée items if you decide to eat at the restaurant before, between, or after classes.



Registration opens 15 minutes before class. Come early to sign in, change shoes, stretch, warm up, etc.

BY DATES (or first 24 registrants)
SINGLE SESSION  (2-Hrs) (Sat or Sun, Morning or Afternoon) 
DAY PASS  (Both 2-Hr Sessions, Sat or Sun)
FULL WEEKEND  (All four 2-Hr Sessions, Sat & Sun)
OM FUSION GUEST & TIER 1 SPECIAL (for all-day or weekend passes only):       *FOR FIRST 10 LEAD'S & 10 FOL'S TO SIGN UP

OM FUSION GUEST & TIER 2 SPECIAL (for all-day or weekend passes only):      *FOR 2nd 10 LEAD'S & 10 FOL'S TO SIGN UP

PRE-REG: (After first 20 leads & 20 follows register, or until Feb 22nd, whichever comes first) 

AT THE DOOR: (Feb 23rd - Day of Event)

STUDENT PRICING:     (Must Be Under Age 25, with Student ID.  See Definitions Section Below)  

 (Each session is comprised of 2 classes. Since the classes build on each other, you would need to take the 1st class to participate in the 2nd. If you can only make the first class of the session, this is the option for you) 

(save $5)


 (save $15)

$20 for 1st class of any session (on space available basis only.  Pay in cash or check at the door only)
$40 (save $30)
        [ONLY 10 AVAILABLE]

(save $20)
        [ONLY 10 AVAILABLE]

$55 (save $15)

 $60 (save $10)

 (save $30)
$70 (save $70)
        [ONLY 10 AVAILABLE]

 (save $60)
        [ONLY 10 AVAILABLE]

$95 (save $45)

$110 (save $30)

 (save $70)

 To honor the early-bird pricing, payment must be made within 5 days of registration. This can be done online using a credit card or PayPal, in person, or by mailing a check (please see full details on the PAYMENT page)

Pre-registration is highly encouraged to maintain lead/follow balance.  

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"Single Session" = A single session consists of two 1-hour classes, and the 15 minute guided practice immediately following the second class  [Total: 2.25 hours]

"Day Pass" = A day pass includes both morning AND afternoon sessions (4 classes) on EITHER Sat OR Sun, and the 15 minute guided practice immediately following each session.  Each session is 2.25 hours [Total: 4.5 hours]

"Full Weekend" = A full weekend pass includes both morning AND afternoon session on BOTH Sat AND Sun (8 classes), and the 15 minute guided practice immediately following each session on both Sat & Sun.  Each session is 2.25 hours [Total: 9 hours]


Private Lessons with Emily

Emily will be available for private lessons all day Friday, and on Sat or Sun when she's not at the workshops or dances. The charge for private lessons is $80/hr if you are registered for any part of the Workshop Weekend, or $90/hr if you are not.  Please contact arilevitt@rolluptherug.com to set up lesson times. Lessons will be held at a private residence/studio in the Eastlake area of Seattle (just off I-5 & 520), unless other arrangements are made with Emily.



Students must be under age 25 and must present student ID at check in/registration prior to class