Flouer Evelyn Blues Workshop

 Join us for a very special weekend workshop for the Seattle Dance Community!


Due to an initial lead/follow imbalance in registration, we will need to put all further single follows on a waiting list for the 10am & 2pm workshops (you can still join the woman 12pm styling class, no problem)    All single leads and lead/follow couples will still be admitted right away.  Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

Follows, please complete the registration page none-the-less.  When a space opens up, we will be happy to honor the price that corresponds with the date you registered).

Single Leads are needed to help take follows off of the waiting list!    Come on, leads!  We have follows waiting for you to get them in!

 Come join special guest & director of New York's premier Blues Dance Programs

Flouer Evelyn

for two fabulous

Seattle Blues Workshops

Sat, Oct 22, 2016 

Flouer is deeply dedicated to building community through Blues dancing, and believes that people physically moving and learning together can lead to powerful experiences.  She is the director of "Blues Dance New York", through which she hosts a weekly blues dance called "Friday Night Blues NYC" and holds monthly workshops and classes with various local and national instructors.  With over 17 years of training in various forms of partner dance, having performed and competed throughout Europe, North and South America, and having acquired her MFA in Dance, Flouer presents a very contextual, wholistic approach to Blues.  In her classes, this approach often translates into encouraging individual artistry while paying close attention to connection, technique, and historical references. 

Flouer can be found teaching full time in New York City and running her dance events -- "FNBlues", "Nocturne Blues", "Melting Pot", & "Motley Hue". 

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Saturday, Oct 22nd

     THEME: "Striking Out in New Direction"


MORNING SESSION:  "Blues for the Big Dance Floor"      (All Levels)

A)   10-11:00am:   "Ballroomin' Basics & Styling":  Ballroomin' is the jazzy side of blues dance.  It is a traveling dance generally done to slow big band music.  This class will teach you the basics and some styling tips.

B)   11-12:00pm:   "Blues that Moves!":  Building on your knowledge of the travelin' blues, in this class you will learn some fun & creative ballroomin' combinations that will make you feel like you are floating on the dance floor.


 ===  SPECIAL BREAKOUT SESSION (12-12:45pm):  (All-Levels) 

12:00-12:45pm:   "Ladies Styling":   For dancers who would like to learn individual styling techniques from one of the best in the business, this is the perfect opportunity to learn from the master.  Styling is a wonderful way for you to learn how to move fluidly, with grace and expression.  Special attention will be given to arm, neck, head, shoulder and torso connection. While the material will be geared to 'ladies' styling, the class is open to all participants.  There is a separate charge of $10 for this lesson.  We need a minimum of 10 participants to make it happen 


---  LUNCH  (12:00 - 2:00pm)  ---  

Workshop participants will enjoy a 25% discount on any menu entrée item if you  decide to eat at China Harbor

AFTERNOON SESSION: "Blues Outside The Box"    (All-Levels)

A)   2-3:00pm:   "Getting Funky - Blues Musicality & Expression:    Musicality is an easy way to add your own personality to your dance without disrupting the flow of your partner.  We'll get down with our bad selves and then we'll talk about how to easily meld expression, musicality, & partnering to the music. 

B)   3-4:00pm:   "Improvisational Connection":   This class will push you out of your normal dance box!  We will focus on blues connection from a kinesthetic and creative point of view, broadening our ideas of what we can use to create connection.

**Please note: Flouer will also be available for private lessons over the weekend (please see definitions section below)


  • ALL WORKSHOPS:  China Harbor, 2040 Westlake Ave N., Seattle. 

    There is plenty of free parking in the lot just outside the front door.  China Harbor is an active restaurant and bar.  All workshop participants will receive 25% off of their entrée items if you decide to eat at the restaurant before, between, or after classes.



Registration opens 15 minutes before class at all locations. Come early to sign in, change shoes, stretch, warm up, etc.



SINGLE SESSION (Either Morning or Afternoon 2-hr session on Sat.) 
DAY PASS  (Both Morning AND Afternoon sessions on Sat.  Does not include "Ladies Styling" class)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: (Sept 20th - Oct 15th) 

$25.00 (Save $10)

$45.00 (Save $25)

REGULAR BIRD SPECIAL:  (Oct 16th - Oct 21st)

$30.00 (Save $5)

$50.00 (Save $20)

AT THE DOOR:  (Day of Event)


$55.00 (Save $15)

STUDENT PRICING:  (Must Be Under Age 25, with Student ID.  See Definitions Section Below)

$20.00 (Save $15)

$35.00 (Save $35)

THE FIRST CLASS ONLY OF ANY SESSION:  (Since the classes in each session build on each other, you will need to take the 1st class to participate in the 2nd) 

$20.00 (for 1st class of any session, on space available basis, at the door only)

LADIES STYLING CLASS WITH FLOUER   (you'll need to purchase this separately.  It is NOT included in the Day Pass)


To honor the early-bird pricing, payment must be made within 5 days of registration. This can be done online using a credit card or PayPal, in person, or by mailing a check (please see full details on the PAYMENT page)

Pre-registration is highly encouraged to maintain lead/follow balance.  


"Single Session" = A single session consists of two 1-hour classes, and the 15 minute guided practice immediately following the second class  [Total: 2.25 hours]

"Day Pass" = A day pass includes all four morning and afternoon classes (2 sessions) and the 15 minute guided practice immediately following each session.  Each session is 2.25 hours [Total: 4.5 hours]


Private Lessons with Flouer

Flouer will be available for private lessons all day Friday, and on Sat or Sun when she's not at the workshops or dances. The charge for private lessons is $75/hr if you are registered for any part of the Workshop Weekend, or $85/hr if you are not.  Please contact arilevitt@rolluptherug.com to set up lesson times. Lessons will be held at a private residence/studio in the Eastlake area of Seattle (just off I-5 & 520), unless other arrangements are made with Flouer.



Students must be under age 25 and must present student ID at check in/registration prior to class