Hawaii Dance Adventure Oct 27-Nov 4

Join us for

Hawaii Dance Adventure

Oct 27 - Nov 4, 2018

Join fellow dancers on the Big Island of Hawaii for week of workshops, live music, parties, travel adventure and more!

The week will be split between the cities of Hilo and Kona on the big island of Hawaii -- the perfect way to explore the island with three days of workshops on each side, and downtime in-between to play! 

This fabulous week in paradise is the epitome of a "build-your-own-adventure" experience, allowing you the most flexibility to participate in those things you would like to, or to go off and explore anytime on your own as you desire.   

We will provide a calendar and schedule of activities for you to participate in (including sightseeing, workshops, dances, suggested dining or meet-ups, etc) and you have the option to join in as many or all that you would like, paying for each item a la carte.  This allows the most flexibility for everyone's itineraries and desires as to what they would like to get out of the week, and lots of room for spontaneity when we are there. 

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