Friday & Saturday

April 18-19, 2014

White Salmon / Hood River

Dance Weekend

with Ari Levitt

FRIDAY, April 18

The Secret Salsa Society hosts Ari Levitt for a

Friday Night Workshop in "Club Style Salsa" & Dance to follow

WHEN:  Friday, April 18th, 2014

  • 7:00pm:    Doors open
  • 7:30-9:00pm:    Ari teaches "Club-Style Salsa":  Learn to dance salsa "outside the box", applying playful, fun, salsa moves and stylings to music that you would normally encounter in regular clubs (not Latin venues). You might think of this as an intro to Salsa-Fusion.
  • 9:00 to 10:30pm:    Social dancing -- salsa, salsa-fusion, swing, latin, blues, and more!

WHERE:  Mt. View Grange Hall, 1085 N. Main, White Salmon, Wa.  98672

COST:  $10 (cash or check at the door)

DETAILS:  Find out more at or find us on Facebook

 SATURDAY, April 19

Three Saturday Workshops 

& Evening Lesson & Dance

with Ari Levitt


          • 10am-12pm: SWING 
          • 2:00-3:45pm:  WCS
          • 3:45-5:30pm: NC2S
          • 8:00-8:30pm KIZOMBA BLUES
          • 8:30-10:30:  VARIETY DANCE!
   9:30am:  Grange Doors Open:  Sign in, Register & Pay, Warm Up!
  10am-12:00pm: "SWINGING OUTSIDE THE BOX" [All levels]
A)  10-11am:   SESSION "A" - The Art of the "Line Drive"
      Learn the art of improvisation and the use of alternate rhythms in swing with this fun East Coast Swing-based approach to dance that addresses tight partnering, framework, lead/follow connection, and energy. Perfect for both beginning or experienced dancers who want to learn a whole lot more about swinging outside the box!
B)  11am-12pm:  SESSION "B" - Playful Innovations (the "wow" factor!)
     Learn great ways to shine, style, and play on a crowded dance floor.  In this class we'll delve into fun, playful solo steps and couples movements that help shape the swing aesthetic, always being mindful of how to match the energy between two partners, and how to be considerate of the space around you. A major emphasis of the class will be on solo & partner energy and connection which are the cornerstones of playful improvisation.
   12-2:00 pm     GROUP LUNCH (Location TBA)
   1:45pm:  Grange Doors Open:  Sign In, Register, Warm Up!

   2:00-3:45pm:  "CLUB-STYLE WCS" [All levels]
A)  2:00-2:45:  SESSION "A" - The Secret Art of Improv & Play  
 In the first half of this amazing class, we will explore both the "physics" of dance movement and the principles of energy & connection which are the cornerstones of playful improvisation in both Blues & WCS.   The second half of the class will take the lessons of blues and show you how to dance the sweet stuff of WCS that makes you go "ahhh" on the dance floor -- all without needing to know a single WCS step!!
B)  2:45-3:30:  SESSION "B" - "Sliding & Gliding"
In this section, we'll quickly review some of the basic WCS steps (sugar push, right & left pass, etc), then explore great new ways to stretch, glide, slide, and play using 6 & 8 count swing movements, garnished with some sweet & smokey blues stylings and syncopations.
C)  3:30-3:45  Guided Practice
   3:45-5:30pm:  "NIGHT CLUB 2-STEP INNOVATIONS"  [Non-Novice Beg/Int]

A)  3:45-4:15pm:  SESSION "A" -  Fun with Ari's Favorite moves 
Night club 2-step is a beautiful smooth-style flowing dance that combines elements of the "quick-quick-slow" latin or salsa step with the upright, lilting, traveling style of a foxtrot or ballroom dance, and is danced to some of the most beautiful, slower, even-tempo'd pop-songs or ballads that you'll hear from the last three decades.  Ari is a master of this dance, and one of this countries top teachers and innovators of the style.   An Example of NC2S can be seen here:
B)  4:14-5:30pm:  SESSION "B" -  Fabulous Traveling Combo's:
Learn some silky smooth moves that will slide & glide you across any dance floor!  Ari is a master of this dance!
C)  5:30-5:45  Guided Practice



               EVENING LESSON & DANCE
   7:30 pm:   Grange Doors Open:  Sign in, Mingle, Warm Up!
   8:00 - 8:30pm:  Intro to Kizomba Blues
   8:30-10:30:   Variety Dance - Ari's spins a wonderful mix of swing, WCS, NC2S, salsa, blues, fusion, latin, ballroom and more for your dancing and listening pleasure!


LOCATION:  White Salmon Grange, 1085 N Main Ave, White Salmon, WA

COST:   (Please pay by Credit Card or PayPal online, or by cash or check at the door)

  • Any One (1) Sat Workshop (2 hrs) + Evening Lesson & Dance:  $30
  • Any Two (2) Sat Workshops (3.5-4 hrs) + Evening Lesson & Dance:  $50 (save $17)
  • [SPECIAL] All-Day Pass (Includes All Three Workshops, Evening Lesson & Dance) $60 (save $37)  [Offer good for first 16 online registrants only, otherwise $65.  Door Price if not pre-registered = $65]
  • [SPECIAL] COUPLES All-Day Pass Promo (Includes All Three Workshops, Evening Lesson & Dance for 1 lead & 1 follow) $110 for two ($55 each) (save $42 each!)  Must be registered online.  Offer not valid at the door.
  • Evening Lesson -OR- Dance Only: $5, cash or check at the door (or FREE if you were in any of the workshops)
  • Evening Lesson & Dance:  $7, cash or check at the door (or FREE if you were in any of the workshops)

TO REGISTER & PAY:  Click on the "Registration" button in the menu on the top left side of this page to go to the Registration Page.   

Payment can be made from the Payment page using PayPal or a credit card, or paid at the door by cash or check just before the first class. Payment by cash or check will help you to avoid the additional online PayPal surcharge. 

Class size is limited, so register early!