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New 2020 WINTER Dance Classes

This Winter, regularly scheduled Seattle classes are on hold while Ari is on a world tour, teaching classes and workshops across the USA & Canada, and in Europe, the Pacific, and Asia.  If you would like Ari to come to your community to put on a workshop, feel free to get in touch using the CONTACT US page here.  
PLEASE NOTE:  Over the next several months, Ari will be scheduling special one-off workshops in Seattle and will keep you posted via email and FB.  To get onto Ari's email list, please sign up on the CONTACT US page

January 2020  
Two 2-hour Intensive Workshops  
(+ wine & cheese potluck socials)

focusing on fun new steps and great combinations -

  • TIMES: 7-9:15pm: Class;  9:15-10pm-ish: Guided Practica + Wine & Cheese Potluck Social!
  • LOCATION:  All workshops held at Ari's home/studio in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle.     Must pre-register in order to get studio address
  • CLASS SIZE:  Class sizes are limited to 6 leads and 6 follows, so register soon!
  • TO BRING:  Please feel free to bring wine, a drink, or something nibbly to share. 


All classes are held at Ari's Home/Studio (Must pre-register for directions)

TUESDAY, Jan 28th: 

  • 7:00-9:15pm:  

    "Fun BALBOA-SWING VARIATIONS" - For folks who are comfortable with the balboa basics, come and learn some great new bal-swing combos that will put the "wow" in your step, and elicit more than a few "oohs" or "aahs" from those watching on the edge. 



     to see an example of Bal-Swing

    (*Don't be intimidated by the dancing.  All of those dancers started with classes like this one!).

     (Level: Non-Novice, some basic Balboa skills assumed.  No partner needed)

  • 9:15-10:00pm:  Guided Practice for class participants, Wine & Cheese Social 

WEDNESDAY, Jan 29th: 
  • 7:00-9:15pm:   "Playful & Expressive MICRO-BLUES & MICRO-FUSION:  Micro is the art of partner dancing at a whisper.  In this session we'll explore the use of breath, tension, frame dynamics, co-creating and co-play to be able to dance to more lyrical music - an amazing skill to have, especially when dancing blues, fusion, or tango.  In the first hour, we'll start with micro-blues & micro-fusion in order to demonstrate how closely these two genres are related.  In the second hour we'll add in some fun tango-inspired moves.  It's the perfect way to build confidence in your dance foundation, then push the envelope into new music and dance territory, all the while gaining insight into innovative and playful ways to solo and partner!  It's also a great introduction to the kind of dancing you can do in our late night Om Culture dance sets during our 2nd & 4th Friday dances (CLICK HERE to see more about those)   (Level: All levels, All Welcomed; No partner needed)
  • 9:50-10:00pm:  Guided Practice for class participants, Wine & Cheese Social 



  • Ari's Home Studio.  You must pre-register online to get the address.  Ari's home studio is located in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle, just off of I-5 at the I-5 & 520 intersection.


  • Per Workshop (2+ hrs of instruction, + dance practice & social)  = $20

  • STUDENTS (under age 25):  $15 

    **PLEASE NOTE:  All students will get a video review of the class material. 

TO REGISTER & PAY:  Click on the "Registration" button in the menu on the top left side of this page to go to the Registration Page.  If you are signing up for the "role reversal" option, please register for the role you would like to dance in the class.

Payment can be made from the Payment page using PayPal or a credit card, or by check sent by mail,  or paid at the door just before the first class. Payment by check will help you to avoid the additional online PayPal surcharge. 

Class size is limited, so register early!  

 CLICK HERE to go to the Registration Page

"Role-Reversal Option" 

If you are an advanced-level dancer, and would like to GREATLY improve your lead, follow, & connection skills, you are invited to take any of the above classes in "role-reversal" mode.  On the registration page, please register for the role you would like to dance in the class (ie, if you are typically a "follow" but would like to take the class as a "lead", please register as a lead)


  New MONDAY Classes (on Mercer Island)

Meet New People; Learn to Dance with Ease -

FIVE MONDAY's:  (DATES TBA)   All classes are held at the Mercer Island J.C.C. (See directions below) All Monday Classes are Beginning Level.  

  • 7:30-8:30pm:   

  • 8:35-9:35pm:    "TBA"


  • SJCC3801 East Mercer Way, Mercer Island, WA.  There is plenty of free parking available.  Doors to the dance hall open at 6:45. Come early to sign in, change shoes, stretch, warm up, etc.  


"After understanding the importance of connection, Ari began teaching me how to have a conversation without words; to listen to the lead and to the music and to recognize opportunities for back-leading and interjecting my own expression. When done fluidly, the conversation goes back and forth and truly becomes a creation of two dancers.  This is why Ari’s lessons are so important for both leads and for follows.  It is this understanding of 'close-connection' that will not only make you a better dancer, but more importantly, a better dance-partner. For this reason, I highly encourage you to attend his classes and experience this kind of connection for yourself." 

-- W.E., Sept 2010

"Ari's workshops are amazing!  I've learned more about partnering in this one session than I have in all my years of group classes" --  K. B., April 2012

"Without a doubt, the BEST teacher I have ever taken lessons from, and I've taken from lots of teachers!" -- A.M., March, 2015


Swing, Blues, Balboa, Lindy, WCS, Night Club 2-Step, Hustle, Waltz (Rotary, Cross-Step, Fusion, Viennese), Foxtrot, Salsa, Merengue, Cha cha, Rhumba, One-Step, Styling, Connection, Lifts & Drops, and more!