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I recently created my own version of a public service announcement for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic in the guise of a poem/book entitled:

"Six Feet Apart,Together"

- A tale of social distancing in the age of a pandemic

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to support local Arts communities who are suffering from the Covid-19 outbreak and are in need of financial assistance.  

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The books are available both directly through "Roll Up The Rug", and on "Amazon Books".

     Purchasing the book through "Roll Up The Rug" provides significantly more revenue to the fundraising drive than going through Amazon, so we would love for you to buy here through us.  

     Unless otherwise requested and agreed upon by Ari, the book(s) will be available at Om Culture during their regular 2nd & 4th Friday or 1st & 3rd Sunday dances.

*Don't forget, if you're jonesin' for a good story, you can always watch the YouTube video of Ari reading "Six Feet Apart, Together!" -- See link below

CLICK HERE to hear Ari reading the book on YouTube

TESTIMONIAL:  "An Exceptionally Impressive Creation":

          "I found your "Six Feet Apart, Together" poem a most refreshing, innovating, entertaining and purely delightful experience, one worthy for consideration of a Nobel Prize in Literature. Your command of language, directed at an audience, for a specific purpose, is what impressed me the most. I can not fathom a more difficult way to get a message across than using poetry, especially one of that length. The way you created, then presented it was masterful. Your articulation was captivating and highly entertaining. Very impressive creation and performance. The world needs more like you."

   - Richard W (4/30/20)

TESTIMONIAL "Fun & Inspiring":

       “Who knew it was even possible to have such a brilliantly composed poem that flows so easily and is such a joy to listen to, yet at the same time delivers a hugely important message to kids about safety practices during Covid-19 times. Whimsical and lighthearted, this poem/book will appeal to kids of all ages, helping them to feel they also have a role to play in staying safe.”

- Glynis A. (5/6/20) 

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In the spirit of this being a "fun" fundraising campaign with a little something for everyone, we have created 10 categories of donations with "thank you" gifts for each.  But please donate at whatever level you can afford, even if it's not in one of the categories listed below.  

The important thing here is not the gifts (which are just small light-hearted tokens of appreciation used in the spirit of making it fun), but, rather, your generosity in supporting our community.  

Buy a Book, and/or join the 

COVID-19 Fundraising Campaign! 

To Buy a BOOK and/or to Make a DONATION:  

1)  Review Categories #1-10 below.  Category #1 is for buying the book only.  

  Categories #2-10 are for making further donations.  

2)   Go to the REGISTRATION page and let us know your name, contact info, and which category (1-10) you have selected.

3)   Go to the PAYMENT page and select the category (or amount) you are purchasing using the "Add to Cart" button. Once you click on that button, you will be taken to the "Check Out" page.  If you want to buy more items, use the "continue shopping" button to return to shopping.  When you are ready to pay, click on the "Check Out" button from the check out page and select your payment.  You can pay using a Credit Card, PayPal, or VenMo (@Ari-Levitt-1; the picture is of Ari lifting his dance partner; last four phone number digits are 9172)

     TO PICK UP YOUR BOOK(S)  (for all items below):

Books will be distributed at Om Culture during our regular Friday 

or Sunday dances.  CLICK HERE for the the address and dance info.

THE GIFTS  (for items #2-10 below):

   The gifts below are all original books by Ari.  You can peruse them in 

   more detail at his book

  TO BUY THE BOOK, Select Item #1 ($10):  

   1)   $10:  Buy a Book, Make a Difference!  "Much Appreciated!"  

This is the way to purchase your copy of "Six Feet Apart, Together".  




   2)   $20:  "Much Appreciated!"  

 GIFT: A signed copy "Six Feet Apart, Together" 

   3)   $35:  "Very Much Appreciated!"  

 GIFT:   A ‘more legibly’ signed copy of "Six Feet Apart, Together"  ;)

   4)   $50:   "So Much Appreciation, There’s Almost None Left Over!"  

 GIFTS:   A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of "Six Feet Apart, Together"  


   5)   $100:  "All Of The Left-Over Appreciation" 

GIFTS:  A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of "Six Feet Apart, Together" 

PLUS    A signed copy of “Lovely as you” 

   6)   $150:  "Beyond Expectations"

GIFTS:  A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of "Six Feet Apart, Together"

PLUS    A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of “Lovely as you”  ;)

   7)   $225:  "Way Way Beyond Expectations"  

GIFTS:  A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of "Six Feet Apart, Together" 

PLUS    A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of “Lovely as You” 

PLUS:   A signed copy of "The Coffee Addict"

   8)   $300:  "Philanthopist"

GIFTS:  A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of "Six Feet Apart, Together" 

PLUS    A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of “Lovely as You” 

PLUS:   A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of "The Coffee Addict"

PLUS:   A signed copy of "The Ballad of a Tree Peeing Pooch"

   9)   $500:  "Benevolent Benefactor"   

GIFTS:  A ‘very legibly’ signed copy of "Six Feet Apart, Together" 

PLUS    “Lovely as You” 

PLUS:   "The Coffee Addict"

PLUS:   "The Ballad of a Tree Peeing Pooch"

PLUS:   "A Little Dog's Tale"

.... all very legibly signed!

     **Remember, this is all in good fun, so the specific book titles listed above are all interchangeable.  For Levels 5-8 you can swap out or exchange books from any of those you see available on level 9.  And of course I'm happy to sign any books you like (for item #1 also, no worries).  

Thank you again for your generosity - It is very much appreciated!   :)