Ball Prep Classes & Workshops

Friday & Saturday, Oct 14-15, 2011 

 "A great way to brush up on your dancing skills, or to learn new ones that will help you flow with ease and comfort on any ballroom floor.  Not to mention, the perfect way to prepare for the Corncopia Harvest Ball on Sunday, Oct 16th!"

**This special workshop weekend is brought to you by Lilli Ann Carey ("Dance for Joy"), and Ari & Whitney ("Roll Up The Rug")


WORKSHOP SCHEDULE: (See class descriptions at bottom of page)

Friday, October 14th (7-10pm)

Location:  The Exit Space, 414 NE 72nd St, Seattle (Greenlake neighborhood) 

 Studio One:

Instructors: Lilli Ann & Claire

   7-8:   Beg Waltz I

   8-9:  Beg Waltz II

   9-10:  Beg Swing

Studio Two: 

Instructors:  Ari & Whitney

  7-8:  Int/Adv Waltz I

  8-9:  Int/Adv Waltz II

  9-10:  Int/Adv Swing


Saturday, October 15th (10:30-4pm)

Location:  Om Culture, 2210 N Pacific St, Seattle (near Gasworks Park in the Wallingford neighborhood) 

10:30-11:30:  Foxtrot "Fun"-damentals

11:30-12:30:  The One Step & Tango

12:30-1:30:  Lunch

1:30-2:30:  Polka 101

2:30-3:30:  Intro to Viennese Waltz

3:30-4:00:  Guided Practice


Then, join us for the

 "Cornucopia Harvest" Ball

Sunday, October 16th (5-9pm)

Ball Details & Tickets at 




  • Fri & Sat "Complete" Package (7 hrs):  $70.00              **Best Deal**
  • Fri Night only  (3 hrs):  $35.00
  • All Day Sat (4.5 hrs):  $45.00
  • Sat Morning only (2 hrs):  $25.00
  • Saturday Afternoon only (2 hrs):  $25.00
  • Individual Class (1 hr):   $15.00   


 REGISTRATION: To register, click on the "registration" tab on the left side of this page and complete the registration form as requested.  Regardless of how you choose to pay (see options below), please register online prior to the workshop as this will help us to coordinate gender balance.  Registration & payment at the door is also available, but admission will be conditional on the gender-balance of the class.

PAYMENT:   (Two options)

1.  Using your Credit Card or Paypal online:  Please register first.  Then click on the "Payment" tab on the left side of this page and complete the online payment form provided. 

2.  Paying by cash or check at the door

      • Be sure to register online for the classes/package you want.
      • Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your first class to sign in and pay. 
      • Remember, cash or check at the door only please.






  • Beg Waltz I&II (7-8pm, 8-9pm):  Learn the foundations of waltz from the ground up, starting with basic footwork, rhythm, styling and connection.  Starting with traveling waltz, we will advance to turning waltz variations -- plenty to get you moving effortlessly on the ball floor. No dance experience needed.  No partner necessary. (Teachers:  Lilli Ann & Claire)


  • Beg Swing (9-10pm):  Learn the basic footwork, rhythm, and styling for East Coast Swing.  Play with simple traveling and turning variations.  A really fun, and easy way to learn the foundations of this dance! No dance experience needed.  No partner necessary.  (Teachers:  Lilli Ann & Claire)


  • Int/Adv Waltz I&II (7-8pm, 8-9pm):  A chance to learn some of very unique & innovative patterns in rotary and cross step waltz that Ari recently taught at Stanford, Portland, and Denver.  These elegant and fluid combinations borrow elements from swing, latin, and tango and blend them into the beautiful flowing waltz form that we know and love today.  Prerequisite:  comfort with basic (beginning level) waltz and dance connection.  No partner necessary.  (Teachers:  Ari & Whitney)


  • Int/Adv Swing (9-10pm):  Learn to throw the "line drive", the "hurricane spin", and other similarly wonderful inventions for swing that blend in elements from balboa & blues.  As in all of our classes, emphasis will be placed not only on the steps and styling, but on partner connection and on fine-tuning yourlead/follow skills which will allow you to better improvise on the dance floor. Prerequisite:  comfort with beginning-level East Coast Swing and dance connection. No partner necessary. (Teachers:  Ari & Whitney)



  • Foxtrot "Fun"-damentals (10:30-11:30am):
    Originally a Ragtime pattern dance offshoot from One-Step using the novelty of slow and quick steps, Foxtrot was quickly popularized as a creative partner dance. One of the most commonly danced patterns today is the SQQ (Slow, Quick, Quick) or "box" step. Fun, useful and easily combined with waltz patterns, it allows you to gracefully and playfully travel like a waltzer when the music is in 4/4 time.


  • One Step/Tango (11:30-12:30pm):
    We'll stop briefly in time in 1915 with the Ragtime animal dances where it all began, then move on to the elegant, upright Castlewalk of the 1920s, adding pivots, swivels and grapevines, and then show how much of the technique used in the one-step can be applied to ballroom tango!


  • Polka 101 (1:30-2:30pm):
    Polka may be the most rollicking good time of all the social dances — it has remained popular since the early 1800's and in this class we will explore it from the ground up, starting with promenades, and advancing to turning and linear patterns. We dance Polka to not only Polka music but to Irish Jigs, Techno and popular tunes that will make you laugh. Flat-soled shoes that slide on the floor a must.  No dance experience required.  No partner necessary


  • Intro to Viennese Waltz (2:30-3:30pm):
    Viennese waltz is that glorious fast turning waltz that you probably have seen in one or two classic movies showing ballroom or parlor waltzing scenes (ie, think "Sound of Music"),or even in classic animations such as Disney's "Fantasia" where it was danced by the lillypads. We'll introduce the fundamental concepts and techniques used to navigate the floor with this faster, more classic dance style, as well as explore playful variations that allow you to slow the cadence down.